Foundations Course

Welcome to the Tamil Foundations Course!

In this course we start with the very basics (the alphabet) and move quickly to adjectives and plurals. Mid-course you will be able to introduce yourself, ask questions, conjugate finite verbs (past, present and future) and negate verbs.

By the end of the course you will be able to have basic conversations whether at the movies or at a restaurant. You will learn the key grammatical structures that constitute complex sentences and will be able to read and translate simple stories and texts.

LESSON #Name of Lesson
Lesson 1Vowels and Consonants
Lesson 2The Complete Alphabet
Lesson 3Subject Pronouns
Lesson 4Forming the plural
Lesson 5Adjectives
Lesson 6Oblique Form
Lesson 7Spoken: Numbers and Family
Lesson 8Sandhi rules
Lesson 9Introduction to Case Suffixes
Lesson 10Case Suffixes
Lesson 11 Revision: Case Suffixes
Lesson 12Spoken: Case Suffixes (in, to, with, for)
Lesson 13Spoken: Case Suffixes (possessive, for, from, to/on)
Lesson 14Finite verbs (PNG suffix)
Lesson 15Finite verbs (Tense suffix)
Lesson 16Spoken: Present Tense practice
Lesson 17Spoken: Past Tense practice
Lesson 18Spoken: Future Tense practice
Lesson 19Asking Questions
Lesson 20Spoken: Time and Questions
Lesson 21Infinitives and Negatives
Lesson 22The Infinitive (potential, permissive & prohibitive)
Lesson 23Spoken: A Workplace Interview
Lesson 24Revise: Finite Verbs & Infinitives
Lesson 25The Imperative Form
Lesson 26Defective Verbs
Lesson 27Spoken: At a Restaurant
Lesson 28Defective Verbs & Numbers
Lesson 29Practice Verbs
Lesson 30Spoken: Shopping