Intensive / Refresher Course

This course is only available to private students or small groups of 2 or 3 students. Please contact us for more information.

Lesson NumberLesson LinkType of lesson
1Vowels and ConsonantsMixed
2The Complete AlphabetMixed
3 Subject PronounsMixed
4Forming the pluralMixed
6Oblique FormMixed
7Describing yourself and your familySpoken
8Sandhi rules Mixed
9Introduction to Case SuffixesMixed
10Case SuffixesMixed
11Revision: Case SuffixesMixed
12Case Suffixes: in, to, withSpoken
13Case Suffixes (to/on, from, possessive)Spoken
14Introduction to finite verbsMixed
15Finite verbs (continued)Mixed
16Present tenseSpoken
17Past tenseSpoken
18Future tenseSpoken
19Asking QuestionsMixed
20Asking and answering QuestionsSpoken
21Infinitives and NegativesMixed
22Spoken (TBD)Spoken
23The Infinitive (potential, permissive, and prohibitive)Mixed
24Revise: Finite Verbs & InfinitivesMixed
25The Imperative FormMixed
26Spoken (TBD)Spoken
27Impersonal VerbsMixed
28Impersonal verbs & numbersSpoken
29Practice VerbsMixed
30Spoken (TBD)Spoken