Intermediate Course

Welcome to the Tamil Intermediate Course!

We organically build on the vocabulary and grammatical structures learned in the Foundations Course. This time around, you’ll learn the conditional form, adverbial participles and participial nouns – the building blocks of more complex Tamil sentences. Mid-course you’ll see your spoken and listening comprehension skills improving too.

In this course we’ll try to expose you to a wide range of media – speeches, movie trailers, poetry, songs, comedy and news. You’ll also begin to learn the differences between the Tamil dialects spoken across different countries. By the end of the course, you should have the tools required to read texts by modern Tamil authors, understand the lyrics of popular Tamil songs and answer questions related to Tamil film.

LESSON #Name of Lesson
Lesson 31Numbers
Lesson 32Imperative verbs & numbers
Lesson 33More Infinitive constructions
Lesson 34Infinitives Practice
Lesson 35Positive Conditional Form
Lesson 36Negative Conditional Form
Lesson 37The Adverbial Participle (AvP)
Lesson 38The AvP (useful constructions)
Lesson 39The AvP (more constructions)
Lesson 40The AvP (final constructions) & ரஜினிகாந்த்
Lesson 41ரஜினிகாந்த் (continued)
Lesson 42The Adjectival Participle (AjP)
Lesson 43The AjP (Other uses)
Lesson 44காகமும் நரியும்
Lesson 45Participial nouns
Lesson 46Participial nouns (5 constructions)
Lesson 47Participial nouns (3 constructions) & Songs
Lesson 48Poem (Murder) & PN Practice
Lesson 49உதவி செய்தால் ஊனம் இல்லை
Lesson 50புத்திகெட்ட மனிதர் எல்லாம்
Lesson 51Counting People & கோமாளி கிங்ஸ்
Lesson 52உடல் அழகின் நிலை
Lesson 53Super Deluxe trailer
Lesson 54உதவி செய்ய உயிரை இழப்பதா?
Lesson 55Emotions & Tamil comedy
Lesson 56Going to the Doctor & Advanced Numbers
Lesson 57Weather Report
Lesson 58Tamil Hobbies: Sport & Dance
Lesson 59Travel: to Mauritius!
Lesson 60Religion & Customs