Intermediate Course

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How to Enroll!

The Intermediate courses are offered three times a year in January, May and September. It is open to those who successfully complete the Foundations Course and students who pass a written and oral assessment test. To enroll in the Intermediate Course please get in touch with us via Instagram or on Whatsapp at (+94) 76 209 5567. You can also sign up to our Intermediate Course waitlist.

If you have already registered in the Intermediate Course but are still unable to access our course content, please get in touch with our course administrators!

About the Intermediate Course

In the Intermediate Course, we organically build on the vocabulary and grammatical structures learned in the Foundations Course. This time around, you’ll learn the conditional form, adverbial participles and participial nouns – the building blocks of more complex Tamil sentences. Mid-course you’ll see your spoken and listening comprehension skills improving too. In this course we’ll try to expose you to a wide range of media – speeches, movie trailers, poetry, songs, comedy and news. You’ll also begin to learn the differences between the Tamil dialects spoken across different countries. By the end of the course, you should have the tools required to read texts by modern Tamil authors, understand the lyrics of popular Tamil songs and answer questions related to Tamil film.