Quiz 3 – Verb Tense Suffixes

Welcome to Quiz 3 - Verb Tense Suffixes. Please select the respective accurate translation of each sentence.

Daniel will sit on a chair

Choose the correct translation

Elijah climbed a mountain

Translate the sentence paying attention to the tense.

Nalini sees a dog

I will read the newspaper

Newspaper is பத்திரிகை; Read is வாசி. Translate the whole sentence.

You went to the shop

They will get married

திருமணம் செய் means marry. Translate the above into Tamil.

Mala told him a secret

இரகசியம் - secret.

I am buying a fruit

Buy - வாங்கு; fruit - பழம்

You went to the temple

Temple - கோவில்

Meena studied in India

I read a book

They flew to a tree

We will go to the beach

Devi gave Bala a mango

Siva hits Bala

Siva will take Bala's mango

Nalini's dog will go to the garden

Mala and Meena study at University

Siva and Bala will go to the cinema in the evening

I am reading in Tamil

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